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What photobooks stood out to fellow photographers, book publishers and editors over the past year? We’ve gathered a diverse, eclectic list of 25 “personal favorites” from 2017—filled with inspiration and discovery for the new year!

On the top floor of Paris’ Picasso Museum, one is unexpectedly confronted with a collection of paintings not by Picasso: work from Gauguin, Cezanne, Matisse. Quickly, the canvases are put into context: these are masterpieces, painted by the artist’s predecessors and contemporaries, which inspired Picasso (and many of which he saw fit to add to his personal collection).

In other words, these were some of the great painter’s favorite paintings. Likewise, we often seek out our favorite writers’ favorite writing; our beloved bands’ most-listened playlists; or even the top chefs’ go-to restaurants.